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GOLDEN LINE Transport Corp with its headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. As a dynamic company, our innovative service that provides sea freight, air, land, and services related to import and export. By reputation and his strength we continuously develop and strengthen the reputation to become a reputable forwarder and abroad. With a dealer network is present in many parts of the world, with a staff of professional, experienced under the leadership of dedicated leadership, wise, we can be proud of the quality and the variety of services that we can offer to customers.

GOLDEN LINE Transport Corp services for customers wishing to import and export goods to most ports in the world (Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, …). Besides the main transport services, we also provide other services in support of customers, including complete import and export procedures, which combines multiple forms of transportation, courier and customs services . We also equipped warehouse system with dedicated equipment in a location convenient for the collection and storage of retail goods to the customer if required.


Before the increasing demand for transport services, in the future we will expand more branches further to meet the needs of customers. We are well aware of the economic service delivery, efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction is a very important factor. So customer service is always a factor to be our top priority. We are committed to offer competitive service packages and efficiency to our customers.